Check out some of the 30 seemingly odd and uncommon things you can insure

  1. Damaged Body Part Insurance: Ensure the look or performance of a specific body part that is vital to your income, like a model’s face or a quarterback’s arm.
  2. Plant Insurance: Get additional coverage for exotic or costly plants and protect them from hail, snow, and other natural disasters.
  3. Key Business Person’s Death Insurance: Small businesses can protect themselves from financial losses if a key employee dies.
  4. Spoiled Food Insurance: Some policies may reimburse you for food that spoils during a power outage caused by factors beyond your control.
  5. Patio and Patio Furniture Insurance: Ensure your detached patio and outdoor items are covered with “other structures protection” and additional insurance riders.
  6. Photography Gear Insurance: Protect your expensive photography equipment and your business from liability risks with photography insurance.
  7. Mustache Insurance: Insure your iconic facial hair like Australian cricket player Merv Hughes, who insured his mustache for approximately $370,000.
  8. Cruise Vacation During Hurricane Season Insurance: Cruise travel insurance can reimburse your trip costs if a tropical storm or hurricane cancels or delays your journey.
  9. Halloween Haunted House Insurance: Special event accident and liability insurance can protect you if someone gets injured on your property during Halloween events.
  10. Home Theater System Insurance: Secure your expensive home theater equipment with an insurance policy that covers the full value of your system.
  11. Special Talent Insurance: Entertainers, singers, and professional athletes can protect their income in case of injury during performances.
  12. Terminal Illness Insurance: Consider adding a guaranteed insurability rider to your life insurance policy to protect your family’s financial status.
  13. Kidnapping Insurance: Safeguard yourself and your loved ones from financial damages related to kidnapping or ransom situations when traveling abroad.
  14. Alien Abduction Insurance: UFO Abduction Insurance Co. offers coverage in the unlikely event that you’re abducted by aliens.
  15. Human Voice Insurance: Singers and entertainers can protect their vocal cords and income with disability insurance tailored for vocalists.
  16. Bar and Bat Mitzvah Insurance: Protect your event from liability risks, including alcohol-related injuries, with special event insurance.
  17. Wedding Insurance: Protect your big day from unforeseen accidents, damages, or cancellations with a special event insurance policy.
  18. Wars and Terrorism Insurance: Lockton
  19. Car Stereo System Insurance: Insure your high-end car sound system from theft or damage with specialized coverage.
  20. Hole-in-One Prize Insurance: Protect yourself from significant losses if someone wins a cash prize during a golf tournament.
  21. Identity Theft Insurance: Protect yourself from the financial damages caused by identity theft with a standalone policy or as part of your homeowner’s insurance.
  22. Multiple Birth Insurance: Supplemental health insurance policies can help cover additional costs associated with twins, triplets, or higher-order multiples.
  23. Extended Warranty for Computers: Protect your computer investment beyond the manufacturer’s warranty with additional coverage.
  24. Fantasy Football Insurance: Rotosurance offers fantasy sports insurance to protect your bets in case a key player is injured.
  25. Food Poisoning Insurance: Coverage for medical expenses related to food poisoning can be included in your homeowner’s insurance policy or purchased as extra coverage.
  26. Birthday Party Insurance: Secure your off-site birthday celebration with special event insurance to cover property damage, bodily injuries, and liquor-related accidents.
  27. Pet Wedding Insurance: For pet lovers who celebrate their pets’ unions, pet wedding insurance can cover damages or cancellations related to the event.
  28. Art Collection Insurance: Protect your valuable art collection from theft, damage, or natural disasters with specialized coverage tailored to the specific needs of art collectors.
  29. Weather-Related Event Insurance: Outdoor events can be insured against the financial impact of adverse weather conditions, such as excessive rain, snow, or high winds, causing cancellation or rescheduling.
  30. Prize Indemnity Insurance: Organizers of contests or promotional events can protect themselves from large payouts if a participant manages to win a significant prize.
  31. Social Media Influencer Insurance: Influencers who depend on their online presence for income can protect themselves from financial losses due to hacks, defamation, or other issues that could negatively impact their business.

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