Drone Insurance Explained – Is Drone Insurance Required by Law?

You may be wondering, what does Drone Insurance have to do with anything? You’re not alone in this thought process. There are currently only six states that legally require you to purchase liability insurance before flying your drone, but it still is important to know what Drone Insurance covers as well as what it doesn’t cover.

What is Drone Insurance?

When most people hear drone liability insurance, they think that they need to buy it if they want to legally fly a drone in public. That’s not always true though, and in fact, it’s quite rare that drone liability insurance is required by law. It can, however, be required if you want to operate commercially.

What is Drone Hull Insurance?

Drone hull insurance protects a policyholder’s drone against damage or destruction. It is an additional component of a broader drone insurance policy. Many commercial carriers require their pilots to carry drone hull insurance, especially if they’re flying higher-priced gear. Drone owners may also want to purchase hull coverage if they plan on leasing out their equipment.

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